Friday, February 8, 2013

Bento 101 For just bento, assignments one and two!

Thanks to Makiko Itoh for doing the Bento 101 series (^_^).

Here are the first two assignments as I have filled them out.

You can get this chart as a word doc from Makiko Itoh's blog,!

A note on rice, it needs to be frozen to be good the next day. and with pasta, you have to oil/butter it properly and put it in a sealed container for it to not dry out.

 Here is the bento on a plate. Some Pork and bell pepper stir fry with some of Maki's Sweet Pepper and Carrot Confetti added in for extra flavor and color, 1/2 cup of medium grain rice, Carrot sticks, and 3 baked Crab Rangoons.

And here is all that food in a box. Simple, tasty, and healthy, provided you do not fry the rangoons (I think baked taste better, anyway).